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Program Network

Program Network

Kidlink Program Network

Kidlink Treatment Services (KTS) is a network of specialized residential treatment centers that provide programming to children and adolescents. Youth who participate in these programs may have been unsuccessful in previous treatment settings, and may find the help they need through Kidlink Treatment Services.

Our network includes more than 50 specialized educational and behavioral residential treatment programs. Kidlink Treatment Services provides access to programs for both male and female children and adolescents, including youth with low cognitive functioning, severe emotional disturbance, sexually abusive behaviors, psychiatric disorders, and extreme anger and aggression issues.

Kidlink Treatment Services works with parents, social services and court agencies, as well as school districts, insurance companies and managed care companies to assist them in identifying the most clinically appropriate treatment setting for their children and youth.

The facilities in our network accept most major insurance, including Medicaid. In an effort to support military members and their families, many of these programs are also TRICARE®-certified. Contact us to learn more.

Help and Hope Are Here

To speak to one of our referral administrators, call 877-454-3703 or 800-726-4032. If you are experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.